When a defect occurs, follow these steps

1. Find the purchase invoice for the item and check the purchase date.

2. Send as accurate a description of the error as possible by emailing info at displayseek.com with an explanation of how and when the defect occurred. Be sure to include the purchase invoice number and, if possible, a picture of the defect.

3. You will then be contacted to specify how the warranty procedures will be performed.

Limited warranty terms

1. Displayseek OÜ mediates the manufacturer’s warranty for the goods sold. The warranty gives the purchaser the right to demand free repair or replacement during the warranty period.

2. The basis for performing warranty maintenance is an invoice issued by Displayseek OÜ.

3. The warranty covers the cost of repairing design, manufacturing and material defects and defects caused to the device due to these defects.

4. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase of the device.

5. Warranty repairs are performed by Displayseek OÜ (Pärnu mnt 142, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia), unless stated otherwise.

6. If repair of the device during the warranty period proves impossible and its production is completed, the manufacturer or importer shall replace the device with an equivalent or better one under the warranty procedure.

7. The number of defective pixels allowed on LCD screens is determined by ISO standards ISO-9241-302 303 305 307: 2008 for Class 1 panels. 2 lit, 2 dead, or 5 colored pixels are allowed.

8. The sales warranty for the battery and other consumable products is 6 months. Shortening the battery life over time is not covered by the warranty.

9. The warranty does not cover:

– packaging, documentation, supplies, licenses, software and media;

– malfunctions of the product caused by accidental or intentional damage to the product by the user;

– malfunctions and injuries caused by unintentional or intentional physical injury (cracks, dents, scratches, etc) or by foreign objects, liquids, insects, excess dust, etc entering the device;

– naturally wearing equipment and parts thereof;

– a product that has been repaired by itself or by an unauthorized person or service;

– malfunctions caused by non-observance of the instructions for use of the product;

– software errors;

– cleaning the device;

– training in the use of the device;

– malfunctions of the product caused by the use of the product under non-intended environmental conditions;

– disturbances in the operation of the product due to thunderstorms or other natural phenomena (force majeure);

– Interference caused by unplugging a computer or other device, power outages, or voltage fluctuations.

– products and parts whose serial numbers, control stickers or markings have been damaged, replaced or removed;

– malfunctions and physical injuries caused by the use of non-original parts or unsuitable accessories;

– insignificant defects or deviations in the characteristics of the device which are irrelevant to the value and intended use of the device;

10. Displayseek OÜ is not responsible for the preservation of data or for the damage or damage to the data or software on the computer and for the direct or indirect damage caused by it during the warranty repair. It is the customer’s responsibility to backup data.

11. In case the product sent for warranty repairs turns out to be non-compliant with the warranty policy, Displayseek OÜ will repair the product at the customer’s request in accordance with the valid price list.

12. The customer shall pay the costs incurred for the equipment brought into the warranty service without a reason (if the failure is not caused by the manufacturer’s defect or the warranty conditions of the product have been violated) (valid only if 6 months have passed since the sale of the goods). In such a case, Displayseek OÜ has the right to submit an invoice to the customer for the work performed so far.

13. In the event of doubt as to whether or not a defect in the device is covered by the warranty, the final decision rests with the manufacturer of the device. The device may be replaced, but when the manufacturer claims the defect is not covered by warranty, the customer will be invoiced retrospectively for the replacement device and/or services provided.

14. The limited warranty does not exclude or limit the buyer’s right to use other legal or contractual remedies.

15. Products sold by Displayseek OÜ are subject to a 2-year claim period.

16. The claim submission period starts from the date of purchase of the goods.

17. The basis for submitting a claim is the sales invoice for the product.